A month with the new MacBook Pro

Posted in Apple on the 21st of December 2016 by @aaronrutley

I’ve been using the new MacBook Pro for a month today, here are some of my thoughts.

I ordered the 13″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar in Space Grey. I upgraded the RAM to 16 GB and the Hard Drive to 512GB, including Apple Care it set me back around $3,600 AUD (before dongles).

For the last month I’ve been using it as my primary machine – mostly for web development and web browsing. I’m upgrading from my low end 2013 Retina MacBook Pro which has served me well.

The good

  • Hardware is nice
  • TouchID is awesome
  • 1Password with TouchID = 0 Passwords!
  • New Keyboard feels great (takes a little to get used to)

The bad

  • By far the most expensive laptop I’ve ever purchased
  • Battery life is disappointing (4 hours max at the moment)
  • Graphics are glitchy (especially in Chrome)
  • No MagSafe (I’ve ordered some third party cables)


After a month I’m actually not fussed at all about the lack of IO. I bought the ‘Digital AV Multiport adapter’ thinking I’d need to use it often but it’s still in the box in a drawer somewhere. I do use one adapter to connect to a display (Thunderbolt 3 to 2) however, this will become a non-issue when I switch to a USB-C display.


It’s hard to comment on the TouchBar as there are only a few non-Apple apps that support it right now. I’ve used it in a couple of mail apps but it just feels like a novelty. I’m keen to see it used in apps like Spotify and Alfred.


This is the only Apple product that I’ve seriously considered returning. As you can probably tell, I’ve conceded. I’ve decided to stick with it as I can’t wait 3 more years for the next major update to the MacBook Pro’s and I can’t see myself switching to Linux/Windows anytime soon.

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