Automating my development ‘workspace’

Posted in Web Development on the 11th of March 2015 by @aaronrutley

Here’s quick tip for anyone working with multiple projects using tools like git / grunt / gulp / vagrant on the command line. I find myself constantly switching between projects and it’s a little tedious to open up new tabs, changing directories and run the same commands over an over to setup my development ‘workspace’.

How I automate my development working environment:

I use a script that I’ve named start.sh, this sits in the base directory for each project. As I’ll be reusing this script I created a couple of variables for the directory names, this means it takes just seconds to set this up for a new project.

This is an example of the script, it does the following:

  1. Opens up a new tab in iTerm, then navigates to the git repo and runs git status
  2. Opens up another tab in iTerm, navigates to the theme dir and runs grunt (watch)
  3. Opens up another tab in iTerm to navigate to the theme dir and opens that directory in sublime
  4. Then finally runs a vagrant up to start the virtual machine for this project

* I’m sure this code could be improved but this is working well for me at the moment!

To automate this further – because why not ; ) ?

I’ve setup another alias up in my .zshrc file, this simply runs a script called start.sh. So all I now need to do is cd into the project directory and type ‘start’, the script runs and I can start working in a few seconds.

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