Clean OS X Yosemite Install

Posted in Web Development on the 14th of March 2015 by @aaronrutley

I recently updated my mac to OS X Yosemite, after backing my files up I completed a clean install (follow these instructions if you’d like to do the same).

I’m always interested in seeing the apps other people use so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite apps.

Everyday Apps

  • Chome – it’s the first thing I installed
  • Slack – awesome team chat app
  • Sunrise – as a replacement for the default calendar
  • Dropbox – I pay for pro, use it for client work and personal backups
  • 1Password – A must have for strong & unique password management
  • Rdio – for tunes, I have the desktop & mobile subscription, great value for money
  • Airmail – as a replacement for the default mail app (using my google apps accounts)
  • Tweetbot – to easily manage multiple twitter accounts & lists
  • Skype – although I rarely use it these days since I’m on slack
  • iAwriter – for note taking in markdown or drafting blog posts
  • DockPhone – handy app to make calls using my mac (via my iPhone)
  • Alfred – with the powerpack for all kinds of quick launching tasks

Web development related apps:

  • Sublime Text 3 – as my main code editor / IDE
  • iTerm 2 – to replace the default terminal (with omgzsh)
  • Tower 2 – for any tricky git tasks
  • Sketch – awesome app for web & mobile designs
  • Creative Cloud – mostly for Photoshop
  • FileZilla – to download the occasional client site via FTP
  • Firefox – only really used for cross browser testing
  • Sequel Pro – to connect to the occasional database

Some other tips:

  • Make sure you encrypt your hard drive with FileVault
  • Before you wipe your hard drive copy over your keychain files (this comes in handy as you can easily restore it and you don’t have to re enter wifi passwords etc)
  • Padbury clock is a nice and minimal screensaver
  • Double Pane is a handy app to manage multiple windows (Moom looks like a powerful alternative, via @Sawks).
  • Control Pane looks really powerful if you’re moving around a lot (via @Sawks).
  • Bartender is a powerful app to manage & clean up your mac menu bar (via @Sawks).
  • I found & forked a ‘New Computer Setup‘ gist that’s worth checking out!

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