My current MacOS setup

Posted in Apple on the 30th of January 2017 by @aaronrutley

I haven’t posted about my mac setup since March 2015 so here’s an update!

I’ve been trying to keep my new Mac as clean and lean as possible, I’ve also been trying to switch to web apps over desktop apps where possible!

Everyday Apps:

  • Chrome  – still my browser of choice
  • Slack – for communication with all the teams
  • Spark – a new email client that I really like
  • 1Password – the new TouchID integration nice!
  • Spotify – (reluctantly – I still wish Rdio was around)
  • Alfred – great for my productivity
  • Zoom.us – great for video chat
  • Magnet – a new window manager for MacOS
  • TripMode – to mobile save data when working remotely

Web development related apps

Web Apps

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