Minimal login screen for WordPress

Posted in WordPress on the 30th of April 2016 by @aaronrutley

I think it would be great if the WordPress login screen was redesinged to look like this:

I’ve been experimenting with the following design changes:

  • Using the Float Label Pattern (placeholder text and floating labels)
  • Slightly bigger text & password inputs
  • White background on inputs and light grey background for surrounding div
  • Full width submit button with square corners
  • Removing all of the drop shadows
  • Removing the lost password link (it already appears if you enter an incorrect password).
  • Removing the ‘back to site’ text link (I don’t think this is essential)
  • Removing the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox (I’m not sure how essential this is)

For quick reference here’s the existing login screen:

I realise there are user experience, progressive enhancement & accessibility concerns with any changes to forms like this. I’m also aware changes like this could have implications for the related screens that share this design (like signup or password reset).

I’m keen to chat to the WordPress Core design team to see if they think it’s a good idea to work on a ticket to introduce some of these design changes!

Update: I’ve created a ‘Minimal Login’ plugin & you can grab it from GitHub


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