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Posted in Freelance on the 25th of February 2016 by @aaronrutley

I recently stumbled across this resource called ‘The Freelance Stack’ which is a great round up of products, tools, apps & services used by freelancers.

I’ve blogged about some of the apps I use however I haven’t blogged about the other tools and services that help me get my freelance work done, so here goes!

Teux Deux – Time Scheduling / Calendar

I’ve been using the paid version Teux Deux for over a year, it’s a great app that I use to get  a high level overview of my week. It supports markdown, custom lists and they even have an iOS app. I use it to schedule in blocks of time for project work, set reminders for meetings and I use custom lists to track my time.

Trello – Project Management

As Teux Deux is a high level overview, I use Trello to manage the specific tasks required to complete a project. Typically I’ll have a board for each project I work on, I start with lists like “to do” , “doing” and “done”. I break the project into small tasks, I create a card for each task then I add comments and checklists to the card. I then move it along the board to the relevant list until the task is complete!

Git – Version Control

I use a combination of GitHub, Bitbucket and Beanstalk for version control, it really depends on the project. On some client projects we use GitHub issues to manage tasks. I prefer Trello however one thing I like about GitHub issues is  the fact that you can comment on and close issues via commit messages on the command line.

Saasu – Accounting

For Invoicing, Accounting & Reporting I use an Australian App called Saasu. It’s simple, has all the features I need and good value for an app I only use a couple of times a month.

Cloak – VPN

I like to use a VPN if I’m working from a cafe or co-working space, I’ve used a few different VPN’s in the past and I’ve found Cloak to have the best UX. It’s a simple task bar app that has a nice user interface and you can easily toggle locations.

Slack – Communication

I’m a huge fan of Slack, I’ve blogged about it a couple of times before. I’m on around a dozen teams and I find it invaluable for project communication. I even have my own Slack team (of one) that I use for all kinds of things like analytics, deployment notifications and to test Slack integrations.

I’m always on the lookout for new apps to improve my time & project management, hit me up on twitter if you have any suggestions!

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