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Posted in WordPress on the 3rd of June 2015 by @aaronrutley

Here’s a bunch of WordPress plugins that I’ve been using on various projects recently.

I try to avoid using WordPress plugins for any features that I could easily code myself, most of the plugins below help with my workflow or clean up the admin for client sites. Some of the plugins below are premium but most have a free version so you can try before you buy ; )

WordPress plugins I’ve recently started using:

  • Migrate DB Pro – A must have for pushing and pulling databases between local and remote WordPress installs (plus it has a WP-CLI Addon).
  • Uploads by Proxy – Allows you to skip downloading of a /uploads/ directory when working locally. If it can’t find the image locally it’ll check the live site. This can also be done with VVV which I’ll cover in a future post!
  • Kraken Image Optimiser – Easily optimise images that are uploaded by clients.
  • WP Rocket – Great caching plugin, simple but feature packed (thanks for the tip @jamesbundey).

My all time favourite WP Plugins:

Some WordPress plugins I use occasionally:

  • Public Post Preview – Allows you to share a link to a post (for proofing etc) before it’s published.
  • Admin Colour Schemes – Adds additional admin colour schemes I’m a fan of ‘Flat’.
  • Eggplant 301 Redirects – easy interface to mange 301 redirects.
  • Bulk Page Creator – Use this if you’re working on a new site and need to create a bunch of empty pages quickly.
  • NS Automation – to ensure ACF content is included in the WP SEO content analysis statistics & scoring.

Update (5.7.2015), other plugins I’ve used on projects recently:

If you have any go to WordPress plugins that I haven’t mentioned hit me up on twitter, @aaronrutley !

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