Switching from Sublime Text to Atom

Posted in Web Development on the 28th of September 2015 by @aaronrutley

Atom is a “A hackable text editor for the 21st Century”,
it’s open source and it’s from the team at GitHub.

Atom hit version 1.0 in June of this year and it seems like there’s a lot of momentum behind the project, they have over 200 contributors on their GitHub repo.

I switched to Atom (from Sublime Text 3) a few weeks ago after chatting to a couple of developer friends that had recently made the switch.

Atom feels fast, it ships with around 80 core package that take care of the essential features such as syntax highlighting and auto complete however each core package can be disabled individually if you don’t need a particular feature.

Atom has a nice GUI to manage settings, the entire UI is actually easily to customise yourself with a few lines of CSS in your own stylesheet. Another thing I really like is the central directory for Atom’s packagesthemes.

I spent a couple of hours trying out some different themes and packages, if you’re thinking about making the switch and are wondering what I’m using, here’s my current setup.

UI Theme & Syntax Theme:

  • Atom Material UI – A dark UI theme that follows Google’s Material Design Guidelines

Community Packages:

Bonus tip from @simoncoulton :

If you’re using a retina screen, paste this snippet in your atom stylesheet for nice crisp typography ; )

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