Tracking my time with Timely

Posted in Freelance on the 27th of February 2017 by @aaronrutley

I recently started using Timely to plan and track my time – it’s awesome.

Timely gives me a big picture view of the work I have scheduled over the coming days and weeks. I can easily see a breakdown of all the work split between different clients and projects. This allows me to check my availability at a glance and to easily shuffle work around if needed.

Timely defaults to a week view on the web, from here you can easily ‘add an entry’ of time. You can estimate time for an entry and you can update the entry with billable time once you’ve completed the work. To increase or decrease the time it’s just a matter of clicking and dragging. The ‘entries’ can easily be edited, moved between days or pushed to next week. There’s also the option to start a timer for each entry if that’s your style.

The UI

As the Timely app is now always open in my browser and I’m using it multiple times a day, I appreciate the time they have spent designing & crafting a really slick responsive UI. They also have an iOS app that is very nice.

Day View & Integrations

Timely also provides a day view that you can use if you need to focus, this is also where you see the UI for their awesome integrations.

The Trello integration is great, once you authorise your account and shows you a log of all of your Trello activity for the day. This is ideal for me as it’ll remind me of any billable work I completed that I forgot to track.

The other integration I use is Google Calendar, I’ve set it up to automatically add my calendar events as ‘meetings’. I can then easily assign a meeting to a client or project if needed. I really appreciate this integration, I rarely have to look at my calendar anymore.

Memory Feature

I was blown away by the new Memory feature! It works with a helper app running on my Mac. The app tracks your active applications, open files and even the sites you’ve visited. Again, this helps confirm the start and end time for a task so there’s less chance you’ll miss any billable work.


The reporting tools are very useful, at the end of a billing period, I can get a breakdown of the hours to bill each client and once I’ve sent an invoice I can simply mark the hours as billed.


I’ve tried loads of different scheduling / time tracking and apps over the years and Timely is by far the best I’ve used!

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