What’s in my backpack

Posted in Travel on the 2nd of March 2015 by @aaronrutley

I’m traveling to Sweden tonight for a couple of weeks to catchup with some mates, do a little snowboarding & hopefully checkout the northern lights! I’m flying with Qatar Airways via Doha so I’m up for around 20hrs of long haul flights plus a 7hr stopover. I usually travel a little lighter but due to the long transit time I’ve packed my good headphones & laptop (mostly to binge watch the new season of House of Cards ; )

  1. Passport, this might come in handy
  2. International sim cards & sim tray ejector
  3. Bose QC15’s, best noise cancelling headphones
  4. Sunnies, Electric Swingarms
  5. Reading Material, the latest offscreen mag
  6. GoPro with the telescopic go pole (not a selfie stick I swear)
  7. 13′ Mackbook, for entertainment and maybe a little coding
  8. Some Swedish Krona to get me started
  9. Qantas Cash Travel card (incase I loose my everyday card)
  10. Cables, Universal Power adapter & 4 port USB
  11. iPhone 6, unlocked & jailbroken
  12. Beardo beanie

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