WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016 Recap

Posted in WordPress on the 14th of May 2016 by @aaronrutley

I was lucky enough to head up to WordCamp Sunshine Coast last weekend, it was a fun few days catching up with & meeting new people in the WordPress Community.

Some of the highlight presentations for me included:

  • James’ presentation on using Task Runners like Gulp within custom WordPress themes. I learnt about some useful gulp tasks and about a few different deployment options.
  • Bronson’s presentation on Chassis, Debug Bar and Query Monitor. I learnt about the benefits of Chassis over other Vagrant projects like VVV and the benefits of an IDE like PhpStorm.
  • Alex’s presentation about the importance of end to end testing & focusing on user experience. I learnt about how important the user interface is for error handling. (I also discovered the handy REST API Console Plugin.)
  • Tim’s presentation on a post mortem of a hacked website. I learnt about the best way to handle these situations and some techniques to use to when diving in to discover the root cause.
  • Tracy’s presentation on local business challenges & solving them with WordPress. I learnt about structuring data like addresses in a semantic way to get the best results in google.
  • Rob’s presentation on the freelancers toolbox. I learnt about how he’s using Trello to manage his client projects & I learnt about handy gmail tool MixMax.

They were just some of the highlights, I suggest you keep an eye on wordpress.tv as the videos should be online in the next few weeks. In the meantime checkout the speakers slides.

Also – I’m really looking forward to the next WordCamp in Australia which is WordCamp Sydney scheduled for September 24th and 25th !

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